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Wellness Visits
Protecting your pet from contagious disease, is one of the most important ways to care for your pet. Annual exams and vaccinations assist in identifying small problems before they become major concerns. These annual visits allow us to conduct a comprehensive physical exam, including internal parasite testing.
Puppy & Kitten Vaccinations
Puppies and kittens should begin vaccinations as early as six weeks of age, and the sooner you visit your veterinarian the better. Your vet will start your puppy or kitten on a vaccination schedule and advise you when boosters are necessary. When you take your puppy or kitten to the veterinarian, you should know what to expect. Some of the common diagnostic tests your vet may want to perform include:

- fecal examinations (to check for internal parasites)
- an abdomen and chest examination
- examine coat condition
- ear examination and eye exam
- examination for mouth, gums and teeth

Flea Control
Nothing is more frustrating than discovering a serious flea infestation on your pet or in your house. Because we have been enjoying mild winters, our flea season has become almost year round. Fleas and ticks are not only a nuisance; they can also present a variety of medical problems for your pet.

These include:

- Skin allergies
- Hepatozoonosis
- Hot Spots on the skin
- Rocky Mt. Spotted Fever
- Weight loss
- Lyme Disease
- Tapeworms
- Ehrlichiosis

Geriatric Exams & Treatment
Pet more than seven years old, have reached an age at which they are prone toward health problems like kidney, heart or liver disease brought on by the natural aging process. We know what an important part of your family your pet is, and we want to work together to make their health a priority. Modern veterinary medicine has made it possible for us to detect early signs of these diseases, and allow us to attempt reversal or at least prevent further deterioration of the vital organs involved. We recommend your pet be given a thorough geriatric examination which may include: radiographic exam (X-ray), blood tests for cell counts and organ function, and urinalysis.
Modern veterinary surgery is safer than ever and our skilled surgeons will ensure the best possible care while in surgery. Whether your animal is scheduled for a routine spay or neuter, or a more invasive surgery, our team will take every precaution before, during and after surgery to make your pet comfortable.
Dental Exams and Cleaning
Proper dental care is vital to your pet's wellness, and having your pet's teeth examined and cleaned on a regular basis, aids in the prevention of tartar, bad breath and can prevent serious problems. Periodontal Disease is a painful infection that if left untreated, can be transported over the body and into the liver, kidneys, heart and brain. Dental services include: cleaning, polishing and extraction.

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