Opelika Animal Hospital opened its doors on March 10, 1979 with Dr. Jere Colley as the veterinarian and his wife, Judy, as receptionist. Over the past 39 years there have been many changes to the practice, but one thing has not changed: the commitment to complete pet care and dedication to the pet's owners. The most "established" veterinary hospital in Lee County, Opelika Animal Hospital doctors have an accumulated 123 years of practice!

Dr. Colley built Opelika Animal Hospital after graduating from Auburn University Veterinary School. When the practice began, he made the decision to create a total "walk in" animal hospital. His desire was to be available for pet's medical needs at their owner's convenience. Believing that next to their own children, pets are the most important attachment to many Americans, Dr. Colley wisely chose to maintain this strong owner/pet bond by making his practice open to everyone everyday.

This conscious choice has proven successful, as Opelika Animal Hospital continues to be voted, "Best Veterinary Clinic" annually for the past 17 years and Dr. Colley has been selected "Best Vet" for most of those years. While the commitment for no appointments is unusual for a veterinary clinic and sometimes challenging for the doctors and staff, Opelika Animal Hospital believes the sacrifice is worth it. When clients walk in the front door, they are always greeted by friendly receptionists and welcomed by the staff. Each patient is recognized and known by their first and last names!

Another strong emphasis at Opelika Animal Hospital is Doctor- Pet owner communication. The veterinarians are committed to communicate with the pet owners on a regular basis either by phone call or written communication. Compassion and concern along with professional expertise keep owners informed. Each doctor is also a pet owner themselves, so they understand the importance of being kept informed on their pet's condition in a timely manner.

Opelika Animal Hospital prides itself on "exceeding the client's expectations." If you walk in and expect not to be recognized, you are in for a surprise. If you expect your veterinarian to be cold and professional, you will be shocked with the personal engagement of the doctor. After a first visit to Opelika Animal Hospital, you will look forward to visiting again. At Opelika Animal Hospital, we realize that for optimal pet care, the owner must be recognized, heard and encouraged. Complete pet wellness involves not just medication, but relationships!

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Opelika Animal Hospital was founded with a mission to help others, not just locally but globally. Partnerships, awards, and charitable involvements include:


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